Are you being Video Recorded, GPS Tracked? Now You can tell.

An Invasion Of Privacy Can Be A Chilling Violation…

People who have been recorded or had their movements tracked without permission will tell you that it’s a horrifying and humiliating experience.

Even worse are the stomach-knotting, sleepless concerns about what a criminal might do with your personal information or images once they have obtained them. Will they use pictures or video on a scandalous website? Will they track your car to your home to commit a robbery?

There are a few things we might try, to prevent us from becoming a victim of these crimes. Some say a simple solution is to avoid or limit our time in hotels, Airbnbs and other short term-stay spaces. A recent study says that 58% of guests are concerned about hidden cameras in rental properties.

Check out the Privacy Pen. A cool gadget that detect cameras and other spy devices. Don’t let some perv spy on you or your daughter.

  • HERO PRIVACY PEN FROM PREPARED HERO: A brilliant, revolutionary device that allows you to locate hidden cameras, listening devices and GPS trackers.
  • RELIABLE AND EASY TO USE: Just sweep the pen throughout a room, and an audible alarm with lights will alert you when a device is detected. No need to spend hundreds hiring private investigators with expensive detection equipment.
  • SMALL, DISCREET AND PORTABLE: This TSA-friendly device can be easily transported in a purse, carry-on bag or pocket when traveling.
  • PREPARED HERO PEACE OF MIND: Peace of mind from a brand you trust, for when you suspect your privacy is at risk. The Hero Privacy Pen is a simple tool that keeps your personal space safe, secure and private. Use it in hotel rooms, offices, dressing rooms, public restrooms, college dorms, around your car, or in your home.
  • SUPPORTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SECURITY EXPERTS: All of our products are designed and supported with the cooperation of emergency response professionals, dedicated to keeping your family safe.

Get it out on Amazon now.

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