Can’t see htaccess file in cpanel

If you are unable to find your .htaccess file when logged into your cPanel account, don’t panic. It is likely that your file manager is hidden the file from view. This is quite common, and we’ll show you how to unlock the .htaccess file.

Showing Hidden Files in cPanel #

When viewing the file manager through cPanel, you can toggle on a setting that will show all of the hidden files. To do so, look for the “Settings” button at the top-right corner of the file manager. Upon clicking the settings button, you’ll see a window with a check box to enable the “Show Hidden Files” option.

Once you select the checkbox, click the “Save” button and now the .htaccess file should appear in the file manager.

Creating a .htaccess File #

If you are creating a .htaccess file from scratch and don’t see the option to add the file, you may need to enable that option in your cPanel account. You can do so by navigating to “File Manager Settings” in the cPanel dashboard. Under the “General” tab, look for the “Show Hidden Files” option and select the check box. Once you have enabled the necessary settings, you should be able to create a new .htaccess file.

Editing the .htaccess File #

When editing the .htaccess file, make sure you do not make any mistakes as this can cause your website to be unavailable temporarily. It is recommended that you back up the current .htaccess file before making any changes. To edit any files in cPanel, simply click on the file and then select the “Edit” button.