How to uninstall wordpress from cpanel

Uninstalling WordPress is simple and fast. It only takes a few steps with cPanel. Follow these steps to delete WordPress from your cPanel hosting.

Step 1: Backup #

Before starting the uninstall process, it is highly recommended to backup any important data. You can back up your WordPress installations using cPanel or create additional backups from the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: Deleting Files and Folder #

The next step will be deleting WordPress files and folders. To do this, open cPanel and select ‘File Manager’ from the ‘Files’ category.

Navigate to the domain folder containing WordPress installation. Select the WordPress files & folders, click ‘Delete’ from the top menu and confirm.

Step 3: Removing Database #

The last step is to delete the WordPress database and associated user. Go to the ‘MySQL Databases’ section of cPanel. Locate the WordPress database, and drop it by clicking on ‘Remove Database’.

You should also delete any associated database users. This can be done by first clicking on ‘MySQL Users’. Select any WordPress related users from the list, click ‘Remove User’ and confirm.

Step 4: Cleanup #

In cPanel, go back to the main page and scroll down to ‘Cron Jobs’. Make sure there aren’t any WordPress related tasks in there. If there are, delete them.

Once you’re done, the WordPress installation in cPanel will be removed. Be sure to check if everything is gone, including any residual files, before proceeding.