How to add user in active directory

Overview #

Active Directory (AD) is a type of directory service that stores information about objects in a network, such as user accounts, computers, and other resources. This article provides an overview on how to add users in Active Directory.

Prerequisites #

  • Access to Active Directory administrative tools
  • Minimum user permissions required for user creation

Process #

  • Create a User Account.
    Using administrative tools, create a user account in Active Directory. Include basic user information such as a user name, password and account type.
  • Set User Permissions.
    Set the permissions and privileges the user will have in the domain. This can include access to network resources or certain applications.
  • Assign User Settings.
    Assign any user settings or policies needed to ensure appropriate access to the domain and its resources.
  • Enable Account.
    Finally, enable the user account to allow access to the domain.

Conclusion #

Adding users in Active Directory is an easy process and can be accomplished quickly. It is important to ensure users are given the appropriate settings, permissions and privileges for their account.