How To Create A Group Policy

Prerequisites #

In order to create a Group Policy, the following requirements must be met:

  • A Windows Desktop environment must be running on the target computer.
  • The user must be a member of the local admin group on the computer.
  • PowerShell must be enabled on the target computer.
  • The user must have the appropriate permissions to create, modify, and delete Group Policy Objects.

Steps To Create Group Policy #

  1. Open the Administrative Tools folder in the Start Menu or Control Panel.
  2. Select the Group Policy Editor.
  3. Create a new Group Policy Object via the New option in the Actions pane.
  4. Give the Group Policy Object a descriptive name.
  5. Link the Group Policy Object to one or more organizational unit (OU) containers.
  6. Add the desired settings to the Group Policy Object via the Settings tab.
  7. Launch the Apply Group Policy command from the Action pane to deploy the policy to all affected users.

Conclusion #

Group policies are an integral part of managing computers in any Windows-based domain. Knowledge of the steps required to create, deploy and manage Group Policy Objects is essential for any system administrator. With the information provided in this document, an administrator should have the necessary tools to create and manage Group Policy Objects in a Windows environment.