How to create group policy in active directory

Overview of the Process #

Creating a group policy in Active Directory is a powerful way to specify and enforce configuration settings and user permissions across an entire network. Before you can create group policies, however, you’ll need to install and configure Active Directory Domain Services on a Windows Server.

Steps for Creating Group Policies in Active Directory #

  • Install Active Directory Domain Services #

    The first step to creating a group policy in Active Directory is to install Active Directory Domain Services. This will allow you to add objects such as users, computers, and groups to the domain.

  • Create a Group Policy object #

    Next, you’ll need to create a Group Policy object (GPO). This is a file that contains all the settings and permissions that will be applied to the network. The GPO can be created with the Group Policy Management Console.

  • Link the GPO to an Organizational Unit #

    Finally, you’ll need to link the GPO to an Organizational Unit (OU). This allows you to specify which users or computers the GPO will apply to. The OU can be changed or updated as needed.

Additional Resources #

For more information on creating group policies in Active Directory, please refer to the following resources: