How to download active directory

Active Directory is a Windows feature that provides security and management of users and computers in a network. This article provides an overview of the process of downloading and setting up an Active Directory domain in the Windows Server environment.

Prerequisites #

Before you can download and install Active Directory, there are some requirements that must be met. These include:

  • A computer running the Windows Server 2008 or later operating system.
  • A domain controller with the Active Directory Domain Services role installed.
  • An active network connection.

Steps to Download Active Directory #

  1. Open the Windows Server Manager and select the Roles category.
  2. Choose Add Roles and select the Active Directory Domain Services role.
  3. Click Next to go to the next step of the installation.
  4. Choose the Domain Controller Options page and select Additional Domain Controller for an Existing Domain.
  5. Specify the Domain Name and Forest Functional Level.
  6. Select the DNS Server role and enter the IP address of your DNS server.
  7. Click Next to complete the Active Directory Setup and allow the server to download the Active Directory files.
  8. Once the download is complete, the domain controller will be ready to use.

Conclusion #

Follow the steps above to download and install Active Directory. Ensure that you meet all prerequisites before starting the installation process.