How to install active directory on windows 11

What is Active Directory? #

Active Directory (AD) is a windows-centric directory and identity management service provided by a range of Microsoft products. It provides a secure structure for easy access to company information and allows administrators to manage resources such as computers, printers, and users efficiently.

Requirements: #

  • Windows Server 11.
  • Access to domain controller.
  • Installation media.
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).
  • Network knowledge.

Steps to install Active Directory on Windows 11: #

  1. Launch the Windows Server 11 installation. If you haven’t already done so, install Windows Server 11.
  2. Navigate to the “Add roles and features” wizards and click “Next” to begin the installation process.
  3. Select the installation type option “Role-based or Feature-based Installation”. Then click “Next”.
  4. Next, select the server where you are installing Active Directory Domain Services. Then click “Next”.
  5. Select the feature to install “Active Directory Domain Services”. Then click “Next”.
  6. Confirm the installation selecting additional features. Then click “Next”.
  7. Review the “confirmation” page and click “Install”.
  8. Wait for the installation to finish.
  9. Set up the AD. After the installation is complete, there are a few steps to set up the AD.
  10. Open the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard. Select the “Deployment Configuration” option.
  11. Now you must set the forest functional level. Set the forest functional level to Windows Server 11. Click “Next”.
  12. Create a new domain in the existing forest. Then click “Next”.
  13. Name your domain and set the netbios name. Select the “Performance” tab and verify your domain name. Click “Next”.
  14. Next, configure the DNS server. Select “Yes, the DNS server for this domain.” Then click “Next”.
  15. The final step is to review the settings and click “Next”.
  16. Wait for the domain to be setup and the confirmation window to open.
  17. Close the “Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard” window.
  18. Reboot the system.
  19. Log into the new domain.

Conclusion #

Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 11 is a straightforward process. To install the directory, you must install Windows Server 11, navigate to the “Add roles and features” wizards, select the installation type and feature to install, confirm the installation, and set up the AD. After the domain is set up, reboot the system and log into the new domain.