How to install active directory users and computers

Installing Active Directory Users and Computers can be done quickly and easily. This guide will walk you through the process for users running Windows 10.

Step 1: Download the Installer #

The first step is to download the Active Directory Users and Computers installer. Head to Microsoft’s website and download the active directory software.

Step 2: Install Active Directory Users and Computers #

Once the software has been downloaded, locate the installer file and execute the setup program. Click Next when the Setup Wizard appears, and the installation will begin.

Step 3: Complete the Installation #

The Active Directory Users and Computers install wizard will then guide you through the setup. Keep clicking Next until the installation is complete. You may be asked to enter your administrator credentials before the install can finish.

Step 4: Launch the Program #

All that’s left to do is launch the application. Select ‘Active Directory Users and Computers’ from the start menu, and the program will open. Now you can begin using the application to create and manage user accounts and computers.