What active directory is used for

Active Directory (AD) is a Windows OS-based directory service used to store and manage the information, users, and security principals in the network, as well as other information needed for the users and for workgroups. It is a hierarchical database of information and settings used to authenticate and authorize users, control access to resources on the network, and more.

What is Active Directory used for? #

Active Directory is used in most enterprise organizations to provide access control and security management of the network. With Active Directory, administrators are able to create and manage user accounts and security policies, define user permissions, restrict user access to specific computers and resources on the network, and control access to information. Additionally, Active Directory is used to manage and share data and applications across an organization’s network, giving users access to information and applications they need.

Benefits of using Active Directory #

  • Secure: Active Directory provides a secure platform to control access to data and application resources.
  • Integrated System: Provides a centralized platform that is easier to manage and maintain.
  • Scalability: Can scale with an organization’s growth.
  • Reliable/Flexible: Easy to add, remove, and update user accounts and security policies.