What is a domain controller in active directory

A domain controller is a server that is part of a domain, which is a collection of computers in a network that always use the same database to identify users, passwords, and other security information. A domain controller is responsible for authenticating user logins and managing user access to shared network resources.

Features of a Domain Controller #

  • Stores user account information and passwords.
  • Centralized security authentication.
  • Associates user accounts to their associated access rights.
  • Monitors all activities in the domain and maintains an audit trail.
  • Helps to automate network management and simplify administration.

Requirements for Installing a Domain Controller #

  • An active directory infrastructure.
  • A server running a supported version of Windows Server operating system.
  • An administrative account with sufficient access rights.
  • Suitable hardware resources (memory, processor, disk etc.)

Benefits of a Domain Controller in Active Directory #

  • Simplifies user access to network resources.
  • Securely stores user account information and passwords.
  • Improves overall security of the domain.
  • Integrates with other security features such as Group Policy.