What is an active directory group

Overview #

An Active Directory Group is a Microsoft Directory Services feature that enables IT Administrators to manage user and computer accounts as members of logical groups. Active Directory Groups can help improve security by granting access to specific areas or resources within a domain.

Types of Groups #

Active Directory Groups are broken down into the following 3 categories:

  • Security Groups #

    Security Groups are used to manage user and computer accounts for security related purposes. They are used to assign permissions to resources, such as files, folders, and printers, as well as manage user access to an organizational unit, such as a folder in Windows Explorer.

  • Distribution Groups #

    Distribution Groups are used to manage groups of users for email related purposes. They are typically used to create email lists, or used for Dynamic Distribution Groups, which are used to filter users based on specified LDAP attributes.

  • Universal Groups #

    Universal Groups are used to manage access to network wide resources, such as file shares or printers. They can be used to assign permissions across domains, allowing for a single group to have access to resources in multiple domains.

Conclusion #

Active Directory Groups are one of the most important aspects of Microsoft Directory Services due to their flexibility and ability to secure and manage resources on a network. They are used to manage user and computer accounts and assign permissions or control access to resources.