What is domain in active directory

Active Directory is a directory service created by Microsoft for Windows domain networks that uses several domain components for network and user management.

Definition #

A domain in Active Directory is a set of objects and their attributes within a tree that share the same directory database and security policies. All objects in a domain have a common set of rules and policies associated with them.

Components #

A domain in Active Directory is composed of three components: users, computer accounts, and their associated attributes. These components are physically connected to each other through a network, typically to a Windows Server with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) installed.

Objects and Attributes #

The objects and attributes in a domain are managed and stored in a database known as the “directory.” This contains information about everything in the domain, from user and computer accounts to shared network resources and services.

Security #

Active Directory provides secure authentication between users, computers, and other resources in the same domain. It also offers advanced security and encryption features to protect data stored in the domain from unauthorized access.