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What are Managed Services? Firstly, Managed Services consists of four separate services. Additionally, these services can be built up over time. As a result, this approach provides your PCs and laptops with complete support, ensuring all your systems are running efficiently and securely.”


Key benefits of monitoring include several crucial aspects. Firstly, there is a 24/7 health check which ensures constant vigilance over your systems. Secondly, this continuous monitoring identifies issues early on, preventing major disruptions. Lastly, by addressing problems promptly, it keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.


Key benefits of maintenance are vital for optimal system performance. Firstly, automatic patches and updates are applied, which directly improves PC performance. Moreover, this enhancement in performance helps you work smarter, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity in your daily tasks.


The Key Benefits of Support play a crucial role in enhancing business operations. Firstly, it combines monitoring and maintenance, ensuring comprehensive oversight and upkeep of systems. Secondly, helpdesk support is readily available, providing immediate assistance when needed. Lastly, this combination effectively reduces downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly and minimizing disruptions.


The Key Benefits of Protection are essential for any organization. Firstly, it protects critical data, ensuring that your most valuable information remains secure from threats. Secondly, it safeguards systems from external attacks and internal vulnerabilities. Finally, this comprehensive security strategy ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations, protecting your organization from legal and financial penalties.

What Does Monitoring Do?

24/7 health check
Identifies issues early on
Keeps your business running

Monitoring Benefits?

Identifies issues early on
Helps work out where improvements can be made
No drain on in-house resources
Builds up a clear picture of each workstation
Provides daily reports
Automatic health check

What Does Maintenance Do?

Provides updates and upgrades
Allows work to be carried out remotely
Virtual technician –
no need for an extra person in the office

Maintenance Benefits?

Improves performance
Helps you work smarter and faster
Cost effective solution per workstation

What Does Support Do?

We offer remote call in help desk support for your employees.
Most calls are done within a few minutes minimizing your employee down time.

Support Benefits?

Value for money
Less downtime
IT issues resolved quickly
More efficient use of resources

What Does Protection Do?

Our Protection plan safeguards your computers, email, servers, and phones. We offer the following:
Backups of Systems
Encryption: We encrypt your data from hackers
Antivirus – Secure your systems from deadly viruses
Threat Detection and Monitoring: Monitor your system from Hackers
Training: We offer training to your employees to spot bad actors.

Protection Benefits?

Less downtime
Protect your data
Issues resolved quickly
More efficient use of resources

A/I Based Antivirus

Firstly Don’t buy store bought antivirus. You want a real time protection Antivirus that is also monitored by your tech company. Secondly Stay away from Webroot, Norton, MacAfee, Malwarebytes and AVG.


BCDR is Backup, Data and Recovery. You want to make sure Emails, SharePoint, Servers and Workstations are backed up. Data Loss happens and you don’t want to be down for a week at a time.

Next Gen Firewall

You want a Next Generation Firewall, meaning it’s Cloud Based with a subscription. These are A/I based and have real time protection for your network and systems. If it doesn’t have a subscription hackers can just slice through it like butter.


You want to make sure your employees are training on what to spot for malicious emails. What to stay away from. This can save your company thousands of dollars.

Windows 10 Pro

You want Windows 10 / 11 Pro version. It offers superior data protection and more features than Windows Home. One key feature is built in Encryption. If you lose your laptop nobody can get your data.


We take the time to deeply understand your business, its unique challenges, and your IT requirements.


Our experts develop a tailored IT strategy to align with your business goals and optimize your operations.


We seamlessly implement our solutions, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support.

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Tailored Solution

We’ll design a customized IT managed services plan to address your unique challenges.

Industries We Service
Firstly, we offer specialized IT support for the healthcare industry, ensuring compliance with strict data security and privacy regulations.
Additionally, our services extend to the financial sector, where we provide robust security measures and system reliability to protect sensitive financial data.
Furthermore, we cater to the education sector, offering scalable solutions that enhance learning environments through innovative technology integration.
Moreover, the retail industry benefits from our comprehensive IT support, which optimizes operations and enhances customer experiences through advanced tech solutions.
Lastly, we support the manufacturing industry, where we help streamline production processes and increase efficiency with tailored IT infrastructure management.

Healthcare Practices

Small to medium-sized clinics and dental offices need robust IT support for managing patient records securely and complying with healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

Legal Firms

Law firms handle sensitive data that requires secure, reliable IT infrastructure to protect client confidentiality and ensure data integrity.

Retail Businesses

Especially those with an e-commerce aspect, which require reliable websites, secure transactions, and data protection against cyber threats.

Real Estate Agencies

These agencies depend on cloud services and data security to manage listings, client information, and other critical business operations.

Financial and Mortgage

Small banks, credit unions, and financial advisors require high levels of data security and regulatory compliance, making them ideal clients for MSPs.

Educational Institutions

Small schools and private educational facilities often need support with managing their technology, from hardware to educational software and data security.

Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profits operate with limited budgets and can benefit from the cost efficiency and expertise offered by MSPs to handle their IT needs.

Construction and Engineering Firms

These businesses often need help managing project data, software for design and planning, and communications technology.

Manufacturing & Design

In the manufacturing and design sectors, IT needs are quite specialized due to the integration of various technologies that streamline production processes and design workflow.

Ryan C. Smith
Author: Ryan C. Smith

Ryan C. Smith is the C.E.O of Blackhawk MSP (Blackhawk Computers).  He has been doing IT Support since 1992.  He has worked all over Silicon Valley at his most favorite companies like HP, and SONY.  Now he manages a team of very technical support engineers and the day to day operations of Blackhawkcomputers.com